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When disabled people say they don’t want to be treated differently, we mean we don’t want to hear your voice go up 5 million octaves as you talk to us like we’re toddlers, or see your face contort into a big plastic smile when you see us. 

We mean, treat us with the respect and dignity a human being has every right to.

We do not mean, ignore our disability and hold us to abled standards. 

Abled people just don’t get that.

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((I have a sudden desire for someone to punch Krei in the face. Does anyone wanna rp that? ))

i’ll punch you in the face with my dick a pop tart

"… That’s my fetish."

I’ll punch you in the face.

"I kinda just want bigheroswag to do it now…"

We can both punch you in the face.


so is this gonna be some kind of face-punching threeway or

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tiny little turn ons:

   - people leaning against walls with one shoulder while they talk

   - catching somebody turning away smiling at a joke you made

   - people who linger on a hug for just a second after you let go

   - somebody glancing at your lips while you’re talking

jesus CHRIST

Jesus is not a turn-on he is the way the truth and the light go 2 church and reflect on your nasty ass sins

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i’m pretty sure this blog now qualifies as a bh6 crack rp one

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Prince Hans - Disney's Frozen